Duration: 15. 11. – 16. 11. 2019

Artists: * Jan Siman * Gabriela Matuszewska * Mikołaj Bzowski * Sea Fur * Vojta Daniš * Jozef Pilát * Weru Špundová * Julia Frys * Natalia Keller * Iga Świeściak * Anežka Součková * Gosia Trajkowska * Kalina Łakomska * Zuzanna Sosnowska * Jan Baszak

On October 2019 students from Szczecin Art Academy (PL), Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology (CZ) and Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (SK) met in Banska Stiavnica in Slovakia – in a city known for its gold mines. They had spent a week together, and tried to create something collaboratively. The failures and achievements of the process were presented to the public at Banska Stanica artist run space and later on November exhibited in Szczecin - as part of Młode Wilki 19 Festival.

The aim of the project was on one hand to strenghten the connection between young artists in the region and to learn and test the collaborative strategies of art production. During the project students worked freely, yet the teachers recalled art groups, utopian art communities, grass root bands, artists unions and coalitons, that were created in opposition or alternatively to the art-market or big institutional structures.

At TIC Gallery we will have opportunity to experience the closure of the project. Performances, presentation of documentations , and a good atmosphere will fill the space in this specific time in human history.

Studio of Interdisciplinary Art Practice
(Academy of Arts in Szczecin)
run by Zorka Wollny & Łukasz Jastrubczak

Drawing and Graphics Studio
(Faculty of Fine Arts Brno university of technology)
run by Svätopluk Mikyta & Katarína Hládeková

Studio vvv
(Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava)
run by Martin Piaček & Dávid Koronczi

supported by Visegrad Fund