In the Slovak Language, the Tire is a synonym worth of the soul. Something that means invisible, and inside immortal as well. Project “The Year Without Summer” was a two-days workshop of mass inflation – compaction of treated souls. Each … SHOW MORE

Let’s Make Paradise Together 2018 – 2019

The artwork “Let’s make paradise together” is inspired by spreading information through the traditional megaphones known as ampli-phones in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Every day, a common voice coming from these cup-shaped speakers placed in each town accompanies inhabitants … SHOW MORE

MIMEZIS 2016 – 2018

Aristoteles defined mimesis as imitation of reality, which all art is based on. Piece by Jozef Pilát has two levels – one a personal story and the second one warning about ecological issues and nature preservation.The author reflects his own … SHOW MORE

The Story of the Czech Lion 2018

Installation from art group PLASK. The following project is a result of three months of collaborative work in Prague, Czech Republic, where we have been exploring the clash between fine art and new technology. We are witnessing the expansion of … SHOW MORE

LUNA 2017

The following experiment is inspired by a triangular prism and the colours of the rainbow. LUNA, first sketch, 50×70 cm, drawing on paper, 2016


Works of art come from the narrow framework of museums and exhibition halls, will become our everyday life to shape and sensitize the modern man. […] Not dead picture – the illusion for a man, but a living person in … SHOW MORE

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