The artwork “Let’s make paradise together” is inspired by spreading information through the traditional megaphones known as ampli-phones in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Every day, a common voice coming from these cup-shaped speakers placed in each town accompanies inhabitants of each establishment from dawn till dusk reaching every nook and cranny. Daily news provides informative reports about a birth of a new resident, a couple tying the knot, discounts on tomatoes, or a recent passing away of their neighbour.

..What will, however, happen if - one day - in this small village, an ampli-phone starts airing a countdown of a space shuttle launch?

The work is by its own nature a reminiscence of a tragedy that took place in 1950 when approximately 750 militiamen and armed forces occupied my hometown for a few days. After the incident, my hometown has, based on a short documentary flick by Ladislav Kudelka, adopted a name “A village full of defiance.”
Considering the deteriorating political situation in Slovakia and reminiscing of tragedies my grandparents had gone through, I reckon the only safe site for Šunava (my hometown) residents is in fact a place on the Moon.

The contents of my audio installation (ampli-phone) is aimed neither at the ground nor the floor, but rather at the open space.

Autoportret, Concept: Let’s make paradise together, analog photography, 2018 Šuňava (Slovakia)

A view of the exhibition: „Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, Galeria 18A, 2018 Warsaw

Amplifier, audio installation TESLA loudspeakers, 4x4x4 m, 2018

SUN, printer ink, canvas, 170x170x5 cm, 2018

EARTH, printer ink, canvas, 170x170x10 cm, 2018

TESLA, render, video 3,44 min, 2018

Heightmap of the first Czechoslovak city in the moon, Game, Unreal engine, 3D, 2018

Šunava, The moon’s first city, 3D print, plastic, 80x80x40 cm, 2018

ZETOR I, the first Czechoslovak satellite, wood, 180x180x160 cm, 2018

ZETOR II, wood, 170x180 cm, 2018

POLSKA III, wood, 50x40 cm, 2018