Works of art come from the narrow framework of museums and exhibition halls, will become our everyday life to shape and sensitize the modern man. [...] Not dead picture - the illusion for a man, but a living person in the tableau. Let the world will be the image. Let what today we call the apartment is the shape resulting from the natural landscape. Let us in the future, do not block the space. Works of art can become a common language, does not require a dictionary. In the future, let us serve all the world to become an image, in which a man will live and work for the good of all men [...]

Gerard Kwiatkowski - Jürgen Blum


Once upon a time Jürgen Blum - not sure how - came to the city called Elblag. For many years he was living there and as an artist creating his works.(...) One night something extraordinary took place: mysterious, black cubes appeared in the works of Kwiatkowski which took him to the fairytale land called EL. there he acquired incredible skills and become... SUPER KWIATKOWSKI! (...) This fantastic world was a location to magic Spacious Forms which were a link between the real world and fantastic world of EL. (...) One could take part in the journey under one condition...

SUPER KWIATKOWSKI, 3D model, Blender, 2015

Super Kwiatkowski, 3D print, a collection of the gallery EL, 2015 Elbląg (Poland)

Gerard Kwiatkowski - Jürgen Blum, Animation 2015

Story characters SUPER KWIATKOWSKI, 2015

SUPER KWIATKOWSKI, oil canvas 200x140 cm, a view of the exhibition: In the face of the 50th anniversary of the 1st Biennal of Spatial Forms in Elbląg, gallery EL, 2015 Elbląg

Super Kwiatkowski game, video mapping on wall, Elbląg 2015