Spatial form took part of exhibition Oskar Čepan Award

The story goes that,
farmers prefer time,
curved into a circle.
It means
every event must
go back to its own beginning.
Wrap into an embryo and
repeat the process of ripening, death and decay.
In contrast to circular time,
there is a so-called linear time,
time without beginning and ending,
Flowing time in the form of an endless river.
The current nomads are following this line,
their path is without a clear destiny
their destiny is the journey itself.
For that unique moment,
which is never repeated.

I returned to Slovakia a few years ago.
In my native village Šuňava,
on the fields where I spent my childhood,
thistles grow today.
My father says:
“That it’s not good when thistles grow,
because that means no one cares about the fields.”
It is related to the feeling of guilt.

It is possible that my generation plant thistles in the fields?
... but is it conscious?
And what if we started harvesting thistles instead of grain?

On the thistle is interesting its paradox.
How can one plant be a pest?
And at the same time, a drug?
What determines that?
Is it the place where he grows?

The example of a man is also interesting,
which fought against thistles all his life.

And on old knees heals him high pressure...

At present, there is a tendency to return to the countryside.
Go back to the beginning,
to the ground and the circle.
And it’s just as popular to be a nomad,
entering into the ever-changing river of time.

They desire to break free from the cycle of conception and death.

Or it’s just a whole blanket of fear,

taking responsibility,
traditions of our ancestors.

Are these thistles redemption and salvation,
for the generation of our parents,
which are they running out of power?
care for the earth has become an essential part of them.

And maybe thistle overshadowed the field of memories.
To us what we decided to break the cycle of time,
despite being aware of its value.

It’s a paradox.

It’s time, which defines when thistle is a thistle or a drug?


According to an ancient story,
the thistle will be separated from the wheat after the harvest.
It is burned in flames.
Does burning thistle envy to wheat chew in the mouth?
The wheat closed its circle of time.
She curled up in the embryo to repeat her cycle.
His stalk burns in the fire,
but its seeds are spreading around the world.
Will these seeds be doom or a cure?
The time will show

Thistles grow and will forever be ..

Thistle-Pichliač, spatial form 11x6x3m, Šuňava 2021

Thistle-Pichliač, They Burn The Thistle, spatial form 11x6x3m, video installation, Nová Syngóga Žilina,
Oskar Čepan Award 2020,

They Burn The Thistle, video installation and documentation of harvest in Šuňava 2020

They Burn The Thistle, sketches, 2020