Idea: What is the meaning of city for me? For me it was issue of changes in term of space and mater. I was born in small, traditonal community placed in mountains. Afer long time I moved to diferent type of space – city. I useing my expiriences in process of prepering my artworks. I took “cultural” piece from countryside and recycled it into product of city culture. I prepared leafet with krata manual that also became comertal of my artwork.

Documentary photography of abattoir tradition in Slovakia, 24x30cm, 2015 Šuňava (Slovakia)

TROJNÔŽKA, Metal construction, 3x1,5x1,5 m, 2015, photo from the exhibition WHITE, gallery La Chaufferie, Strassburg 2016

TROJNÔŽKA, manual instruction, print on paper A3, 2015

GORAL system, manual instruction, print on paper A3, 2015